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We at HS Technologies (Phils.), Inc. are engaged in mold and die fabrication, manufacturing, assembly and export of various stamped metal and injected plastic parts.

Our Integrated Management Systems comply with the International Standard requirements with the objective to have effective Quality and Environmental management system.


Our Quality and Environmental Policy is:

To comply and satisfy applicable requirements and continually improve for the enhancement and effectiveness of our Quality and Environmental Management System.

This will be achieved by committing ourselves to provide:

Quality products at reasonable Cost and on-time Delivery,

To Protect Mother Earth by establishing environmental management system that conforms to our existing activities, through:

Conservation of Natural Resources

By maximizing the use of available resources like water, energy, paper, metal, resin, fuel and chemical through reduction, reuse and / or recycling scheme.


Prevention of Pollution/Risks 

By complying with all applicable legal/customer requirements suitable to the purpose and context of the organization and impose precautionary measures to prevent pollutants and/or business threats that may cause adverse effect to the environment/operations.

Progressive Approach in the Management of our Programs.

By identifying, setting, implementing and monitoring all objectives and targets that would satisfy all applicable  requirements, reduce environmental impacts, continually improve the quality, increase operating efficiency and ensure business resiliency.


All employees are accountable and committed to continually assess opportunities for continual improvement.


This policy will be communicated to all persons working for or in behalf of the organization and will be made available to the relevant interested parties as appropriate.


Our Vision is to be the No. 1 in the Metal Stamping, Plastic Injection and Mold and Die Fabrication business in the Philippines. We will be the leader not only in sales, profitability and

product quality, but also in taking care of the well-being of our customers and employees.


We will endeavor to enrich the lives of the people in the community we do business while ensuring a fair return on investment for our shareholders.


ACHIEVE the highest standards of quality


DELIVER the highest levels of products and service qualities at the best price


IMPROVE financial strength and profitability


EXPAND the customer base by pursuing opportunities in the markets not being served


INSTILL an environment of internal and external excellence in customer service


EMPOWER and recognize each employee’s unique contribution


PROVIDE vigorous community leadership, involvement and support


Today, HS Technologies Phils., Inc. is one of the leaders in the industry - and we wouldn’t be where we are today without the amazing work our team does every single day. We’re incredibly proud of each team member, and are consistently impressed by their creativity and drive.

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